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               Carl,  WN3DUG

Monday, January 5, 2009

SoftRock Lite II SDR Receiver Kits Ready To Order

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The SoftRock Lite II Software Defined Radio (SDR) Receiver Kit, is a state of the art and very inexpensive, and fairly easy to build electronic kit that allows an Amateur Radio Operator or Short Wave Listener (SWL) to learn about the new world of Software Defined Radio.

The main items needed to set up and enjoy SDR is your home Desktop computer system, with a good Sound Card, or even a Laptop computer, again with a good Sound Card built-in or a USB Sound Card, and the SoftRock Lite II! A stereo shielded audio cable connects the SoftRock to the Sound Card Stereo Input (Must be a Stereo Input!).

Free Software, from several different sources, is available for easy Download to your computer. Some of these include ROCKY, PowerSDR and others. See the web URL below for details.

You can use a small 12 Volt DC Power Supply, or a 12 Volt DC Battery to power the SoftRock. The Antenna can be just a piece of wire. Your computer monitor serves as the "Front Panel" of your SDR Receiver, and you listen through the computer speakers or earphones. You "Tune" with your mouse!

Most SoftRocks receive in the CW portions of the Amateur bands, but you can receive SW Broadcasts and Amateur phone conversations, as well!

The following Kit Options are available as of January 2009:
(All prices include Postage/Mailing)

40 Meter Kit Option @ $10.00 US/Canada and $11.00 for DX

80 Meter Kit Option @ $10.00 US/Canada and $11.00 for DX

160 Meter Kit Option @ $10.00 US/Canada and $11.00 for DX

30 Meter Upgraded Kit Option @ $12.00 US/Canada and $13.00 for DX

20 Meter Upgraded Kit Option @ $12.00 US/Canada and $13.00 for DX

15 Meter Upgraded Kit Option @ $12.00 US/Canada and $13.00 for DX

Note: The Upgraded Kits make use of 1/3 sub-harmonic sampling.

Documentation to build the kit may be downloaded from the files area of :

You will have to register at the website to download the
documents for the kit.

For the latest information on what Kits are available,
and new Kit releases and Pricing, please go to the following
web site URL. Information on How To Order and where,
is also available here. Again, you may have to register to
access the site:

Another web site to go to for more information is as follows:
(With Thanks to Tony, KB9YIG, and Richard,WB5RVZ)

Have Fun!


Carl, WN3DUG

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Good Start To SDR Is Getting A "SoftRock"

One of the first pieces of SDR hardware you should obtain is the so-called "SoftRock" Amateur Radio SDR receiver kit. The first version was the SoftRock40, with a design by fellow hams Tony Parks, KB9YIG, and Bill Tracey, KD5TFD. This started out as an "SDR Sampler Kit" for hams and others to try out software defined radio. Thousands of the SoftRocks have now been sold and built!

Tony, KB9YIG, has just announced the latest Kit, called the "SoftRock Lite II", designed to be easier to build than earlier softrock lite kits, with the kit to be available sometime in January 2009. The amazing things about the softrock kits is the size of the boards and the low Price!

This kit will include the printed circuit board, with a size of only 2.5 inches x 0.9 inches! The Price, including shipping in the US/Canada will only be about $10.00 and about $11.00 for DX!

Several receiver bands will be available in January, with other options to follow later. I would recommend starting with the 40 meter band kit, as there are plenty of signals to listen to in both SSB and CW, along with SW stations worldwide. The antenna could be just a short piece of wire!

Tony has been producing the softrock kits for several years, now, along with a few others. His prices and service can't be beat and he keeps up with the state of the art with a simple to build kit that almost anyone can build! There are also people out there who will build your kit for you for a small fee.

Watch this site for an announcement of when these new "SoftRock Lite II" Kits will be available for purchase from Tony, probably sometime in January 2009, at the earliest.

Also, keep coming back for more information on what is needed to complete your own SDR System and build a simple software defined radio, using your home PC system or PC Laptop!

Carl, WN3DUG

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcome to the "Amateur Radio SDR News" Blog

Hello............... Welcome to my new blog about what's new in the world of Software Defined Radio (SDR) as it relates to Amateur (Ham) Radio! We'll try our best to keep you up to date on all the latest news in Amateur SDR, and give you one web site to go to for the latest information.

A Little About Me

My name is Carl Morris and I was first licensed in 1955 as WN3DUG and have managed to hang on to my old Call off and on for all these years. It's kind of sentimental to me, so I just keep it.

I live in South Central Pennsylvania and have been interested in, and have been following SDR for about five or six years, trying to stay up with the state of the art in SDR, as it pertains to our great hobby.

My background includes several careers, including Structural and Architectural Design and Drafting, Sales and Marketing and Software and Hardware Electronic Design and Field Service Engineering for several Fortune 500 companies.

Hobbies include many aspects of Amateur Radio, Motorcycle Touring and RVing.

I'm married to Jean, KB3COE, and we have one "kid" at home yet named "Fluffy" :-)


Main Site (Home)

The main web site will concentrate on providing you as much simple information as needed to allow you to setup and actually learn to use SDR with Amateur Radio and other radios as well.

We'll try to give you sources for finding parts, PC boards, Kits, Software and many other items, all in one place, as much as possible.

We've been building many of the "SoftRock" SDR Kits from Tony Parks, KB9YIG, over the years, and we'll provide more details on these at the Main Site.

There is much, much, more to come on the blog and the main site, so please keep coming back and we'll keep you abreast of the latest updates on Amateur SDR!

There will be some surprises and FREE PDF downloads for you in the future, so check back or bookmark our site.

73 for now,

Carl, WN3DUG

Note: Please see my Profile Page for "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy" statements.

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